Route 2: early Mar 2021

About Map:

General: People contact me before & during an active routes, which leads to me adding new stops to it and changes to schedule. Keep an eye on this map each day to see if new stops are added. Contact me to add yours. Your can zoom in/out and pan the map up/down/left/right.

1. Ignore duplicate location letters. They are part of route, just a map labeling issue.

2. Green truck icon is last check-in location (not real-time). If it’s missing, a location marker may be on top hiding it. Sometimes zooming in can help it show up.

3. The green line shows where I’ve been. Sometimes I drive over the same roads to get back & forth to different locations. Don’t worry if your stop has a green line, as I may be coming back your way.

US Zones traveled based on Season

1 = all year.

2 = spring, summer, fall.  winter if no snow/ice for safety.

3 = all year. south Florida if enough items to/from there.

4 = spring, summer, fall. Avoiding snow/ice storms for safety.

5 = dead zone.  need full load to/from to make it work.

Next Planned Routes

More routes after this one are not yet planned.

Arranging Shipping

Need you to provide: full contact name, cell # and full address for pickup & delivery locations. Item(s)/model being delivered (eg; Tron Upright Vid, Mspac cocktail, Game of Thrones pin). Name of who pays for shipping. FB msg or Txt msg are best methods of contact. Or submit form here “Shipping / Delivery” link at top-left.

Payment in full is due when arrived at location of payer in cash or paypal friends & family (no fees). Door to door ground level delivery. Wrapping materials are reused for for all shipments, so item(s) must be unwrapped at delivery location & wrapping materials leave with shipper. You can purchase wrapping materials separately if you need to keep them (if this is the case, please notify in advance so additional materials can be purchased).

Stay Safe